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E-Concepts, Inc. has been designing customized high impact and engaging eLearning since 2008 for corporate training, higher education, as well as organizational training. Our emphasis is on eLearning, instructor led courses, and blended learning. We are an instructional design and eLearning design agency. We use our experience with the practical application of learning theories on each project along with our skills to bring our projects to life. Our team brings together; classroom experience, sales training, graphic design, along with exceptional instructional design, training and software backgrounds from a variety of generations – recent college graduates to seasoned professionals.

Our Approach: We understand how technology helps people to think and perform at their best. All people learn differently so our custom e-learning is designed to offer a variety of user experiences making the learning highly impactful. From captivating customers, to developing staff or identifying the next generation of leaders, we are experienced in delivering solutions that meet the goals of modern organizations.

Offering: E-Concepts, Inc. creates impactful training to reach your learning goals. We implement eLearning into a variety of LMS software or can offer hosting on our LMS. From basic to interactive and advanced courses, including gamification, E-Concepts, Inc. will deliver effective training to your organization.

Serve: All size organizations from global corporations to smaller non-profit organizations. We have developed training for a variety of learners – from higher education to risk management training. We can create new training or update existing training.


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