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e-SKY Solutions is an eLearning service provider for individuals and corporations seeking professional education advancement.

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e-SKY Solutions was founded by a group of senior professionals with nearly 50 years of industry, consulting and academic experience and an intimate understanding of the mobile professional's training challenges. Our Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning is an innovative teaching philosophy that mimic's real-life learning routines. It not only offers access to instruction, support materials and references, but also delivers an online learning community for students to share and internalize knowledge. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for all your professional online training needs; we are adding courses daily to our repertoire .

e-SKY Solution s is a trade name , a strategic business unit, operating under SedraCorp IncTM .

In 2003 a group of engineers got together to create Comprehensive Management Solutions Consulting Inc. . After a few years of consulting it was quickly realized that most companies have a need for training, learning and ma nufacturing operating instructions, however the cost of such was extremely high for most average small to mid-size companies. Keeping cost reduction of training in mind, e-SKY Solutions [Learning for professionals] was created to fulfill this need. In the early stages, the online course consisted more of animated text and picture, however as the industry evolved so did the delivery methods. Since many people preferred viewing courses taught by actual instructors, e-SKY Production was created to focus on th at segment. e-SKY This document is the sole property of Production TM thus became a production company focused on creating digital media for instructional learning or web - broadcasting. In 2013, based on customer request, and e - SKYs ability to remain current to the digital world, SedraTech was c reated to focus on IT consulting, and assist companies with their web, digital media, cloud computing, IT infrastructures etc. Today e-SKY Solutions boasts of having several thousand online training courses; from compliance (such as sexual harassment in the work place, using company equipment etc), to Microsoft courses or even custom course.

The benefit of having all three business units (BU) is it allows us to leverage the skills and network of each one of those businesses , in addition to leveraging the strategic partnerships made at every BU level. SedraCorp Inc. is an expert in online business, and online media that is optimized to be broadcasted immediately online for instructional learning, customer training, or advertising.

e-SKY is committed to providing high end affordable online education and training to help individuals earn prestigious certificates from credible organizations. e-SKY services are available to both corporations and individuals.

e-SKY helps companies convert their chalk - and - talk course material into advanced 2.0 - compatible e-Learning. This helps our clients achieve the following efficiency improvements:

  • Cut the cost of travel and living associated with classroom courses
  • Increase course effectiveness
  • Increase course flexibility
  • Track employee participation and monitor end-of-course quizzes (if applicable) Individual
  • e-SKY helps individuals who want to prepare for professional certification exams or advance their professional careers. e-SKY
  • offers individuals:
  • Improved learning experience with Integrated Multi - Channel Online Learning
  • Competitive course prices (View course catalog here)
  • Professional and e-SKY course certificates To find out more about e-SKY and our valuable courses, please contact us .