Easier Said And Done | Julie Williams VO

Julie naturally and effectively communicates your script in such a way that even highly technical or boring scripts come to life! A short list of her hundreds of clients, includes: Kraft, Google, Orbitz, Cisco, Pizza Hut, & HGTV.

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614 S. BUSIN ESS IH-35. STE C-39
New Braunfels, TX 78130
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(916) 899-7529

Julie Williams provides voice-over services, voice-over coaching- and voice-over casting services. She will teach you to fine--or BE--the right voice!

Despite 40 years of experience behind-the-mic, Julie Williams sounds 35-60 years old and is the chosen voice for hundreds of eLearning producers. Her delivery has been proven for ai conversation--where it's not really about the voice itself, but about the conversational and interesting performance.

Known for her success, she is an acclaimed voiceover coach, teaching eLearning, explainer videos, and medical narration to other voice-over professionals, at the top voice-over conferences in the country.

Julie is also famous for making her clients’ jobs easier! For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your VO needs are always easier said and done.

Kraft, Coca-Cola, Orbitz, the US Army, Google, Cisco, HGTV, WE, Kohler, and hundreds of others can't all be wrong!! :-)