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Welcome to Edgo.

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”― Albert Einstein.

Edgo is not you regular e-learning portal, its a collective environment of online and offline activities that encompass this digital revolution that we are facing in our current education system.

Everybody is different, everybody learns in different ways and pace, it would be counterproductive to deliver a barrage of lectures without kindling the pupils interest and motivation. It is time to optimize the way we learn and teach for knowledge gain and not for profits.

its 2020, e-learning as we know it has only just begun, unprecedented growth and development lies ahead of us in this new way of learning. We at Edgo are working towards adapting and augmenting this technology to deliver the best learning experience and thereby impart knowledge with understanding.

Edgo is a platform for everyone to learn and share knowledge and ideas. Join us in this journey towards making the online-education revolution much more that just video and online classes.