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Edu Media Hub is an end to end learning solutions company that endeavors in understanding its client’s learning needs and challenges and provides customized learning solutions to help them maximize their operational efficiency, business impact, and ROI.

We offer the below-mentioned services:

  • Custom eLearning
    Edu Media Hub helps create unique e-learning solutions tailored to a learner's specific needs.
  • Mobile Learning
    Edu Media Hub has extensive experience of creating m-learning content for multi-device delivery and uniform viewing experience on varied mobile operating systems.
  • eLearning Localization
    Edu Media Hub offers translation and language services to convert knowledge resources into multiple languages and dialects.
  • Rapid Authoring
    Rapid Authoring Tools helps save time by providing the solution to develop e-learning content for immediate training needs.
  • Game Based Learning
    Developing complete courses on a gaming platform or short games incorporated into regular e-learning courses, we are a one-stop shop.
  • Instructor Led Training
    We help make an instructor-led training visually appealing, technology-driven, interactive and instructional richer.

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