Edufiq -AI Learning Platforms For Kids

Edufiq is a unique game based learning platform for kids. We understand the pressure of additional courseware therefore we have chosen the game based method of learning for kids to make them future ready.

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Edufiq provides incredible opportunities to the children by letting them learn AI through a game-based learning approach. Our courses are tailor-made for the spatial and cognitive development of children. Edufiq provides Game-based learning higher education to learn things practically.

With Edufiq your child gets the chance to sharpen his cognitive abilities. Through interactive learning games for kids, we seek to introduce the kids to important concepts of AI. Whether your child is in grade 5 or is in grade 10 our interactive learning games for kids help them to enhance their AI concepts in a fun way.

Edufiq offers one of the smartest curriculums to Machine Learning, Data Analysis, AI & IoT to children. Our courses are designed in such a way that they are at par with the global standards of ISTE & CSTA. The number of children assigned in a classroom/instructor is six. We use the technique of Nature Pod in which we blend experiential learning with personalized learning.

Edufiq is an effective virtual learning platform that has revolutionized the world. It helps the students to learn AI through a game-based and experiential learning approach. This online learning platform follows a unique learning methodology to teach artificial intelligence to students of grades 5th to 10th. It provides the best standards of teaching artificial intelligence.