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EI Design is a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning—keeping it alive, relevant, impactful, and continuous.

EI Design’s solutions are known for providing high visual impact, building engagement, creating sticky learning experiences, and improving employee performance.

Being one of the few companies who offer Predictive Learnability, we are doing ground-breaking work in Mobile Learning, Immersive Learning Strategies (notably, VR and AR for learning), and Behavioral Transformation.

Over the last 18 years, we have serviced many Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises from over 24 countries and 26 industry verticals.

Focus on Creating Value for Both Learners and Business

With a rapidly changing learningscape, the online training design and delivery needs to match the way modern learners want to learn. EI Design partners with L&D teams as they re-align their current strategies to meet this mandate with solutions that:

  • Match modern learner needs.
  • Meet the business expectations.
  • Create high ROI.

EI Design has been on the top of the list for several global rankings, including the Top rank - Platinum in the list of Top eLearning Content Development Companies for 2019.

More recently, in 2020, we ranked,

  • #1 in the Top eLearning Gamification Companies.
  • #1 in the Top Content Providers for Mobile Learning.
  • #1 in the Top Content Providers for Employee Onboarding.
  • #2 in the Top Content Providers for Blended Learning.
  • #3 in the Best Content Development Companies for Virtual Training Programs.
  • #3 in the Top Content Providers for Rapid eLearning.

Looking at adopting new ways to enhance your Learning Strategy? EI Design can help you with that and more!

EI Design’s comprehensive portfolio of services is not limited to Formal Training alone but will enable you to drive employee performance and bring in behavioral change.

Our solutions feature immersive learning strategies, delivered as:

  • Mobile-friendly/Mobile-first training.
  • Apps for Learning.
  • Short, focused, action-oriented training-Microlearning.
  • Traditional eLearning with an added punch of Microlearning techniques.

Key strategies to create immersive learning:

  • Gamification.
  • Videos and Interactive Videos.
  • Decision making - Complex Branching Simulations.
  • Scenario Based Learning.
  • Interactive Storytorials.

Our innovative approaches and focus areas include:

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Learning Portals with Learning Paths.
  • Personalized Learning solutions.
  • Social Learning (Collaborative Learning).
  • Approaches to predict, measure, and validate the learnability or the learning effectiveness of online courses.
  • Reporting and Analytics.

Our approach to drive employee performance and behavioral change includes:

  • Just-in-time learning aids – available exactly at the moment of the learner’s need.
  • Reinforcements to avoid the “Forgetting Curve” from setting in.
  • Challenges that push learners and act as nudges to review, refresh, or practice.
  • Techniques to change thinking and trigger or influence behavioral change.
  • Approaches to foster a culture of continuous learning:
    - Leveraging platforms for Social or Collaborative Learning.
    - Nudge learners toward Self-Directed Learning.
    - Offering curated content to ensure learners explore and keep coming back for more.
    - Encouraging learners to upload content (User Generated Content).

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