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EI Design is a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning – keeping it alive, relevant, impactful, and continuous.

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Over the last 15 years, EI Design has created 8000+ hours of learning solutions for customers in 16 countries across the world. These solutions cut across 20+ industry verticals and address varied corporate training needs including Compliance, Soft Skills, Behavioral Change, Application Simulations, Induction and Onboarding, Health and Safety, Product Training, Sales Training, Information Security, and so on. Of these, 1000+ hours were for mLearning and 415 hours were localized in 26 languages.

EI Design has been ranked #2 in the world (twice in a row) as a key learning and performance support solution provider. It has recently been certified as a CMMI Level 3 Organization, which means our customers can be assured of the quality of work we generate and the value we bring in terms of keeping them ahead of the curve.


Ever since its inception in February 2002, EI Design has been focusing on creating learner-centric solutions. In the 15 years of its existence so far, the company has evolved and designed learning solutions keeping the changing business dynamics and learner expectations in mind.

The company specializes in transforming learning for its customers and learners with approaches that:

  • Provide “sticky” learning
  • Provide predictive learnability or learning effectiveness
  • Offer “just-in-time” learning to push knowledge acquisition to application on the job
  • Create high impact learning experiences and a positive ROI

The range of EI Design’s solutions includes approaches to:

  • Spice up learning experiences (through Microlearning, Social Learning, and Personalized learning)
  • Create customized learning portals for specific initiatives in formal training, performance support, and Social Learning
  • Evoke a sense of learner contribution and participation (through content curation)
  • Measure and enhance learnability/learning effectiveness
    Appeal to the millennial generation

Track record

  • Ranked No.2 in the world for the second consecutive year
  • 15 Years of Learning and Performance Solutions Expertise
  • Customer base – 16 countries, 20+ industry verticals
  • 83.4% Customer Retention Rate
  • 48% New Customer Acquisition Rate
  • Obtained CMMI Level 3 Corporate Quality certification in Mar’17
  • A year-on-year growth rate that’s double than the industry average
  • The company has been profitable since inception


EI Design continues to excel with its Core solutions such as:

  • eLearning and mLearning
  • Migration of Legacy/Flash courses to HTML5
  • Blended Learning
  • Localization

It offers a wide range of trending solutions such as:

  • Designing learning for the millennial generation
  • Responsive Learning Portal solutions
  • Platforms for Content Curation
  • Personalization of learning
  • Approaches to predict, measure, and validate the Learnability of online courses

EI Design’s learning designs feature several innovative learning strategies such as:

  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Social Learning
  • Mobile Apps for learning
  • Videos and Interactive Videos
  • Story/Scenario-based learning
  • Branching simulations


EI Design owes its success to its focus on:

  • Learner-centricity – Putting the learner at the center of its solutions
  • Innovation and constant exploration – Continuous improvement to create sustainable value for its customers
  • A human-centered approach – Which reflects in its solutions, services, products, and business approach
  • A sound Solution Architecting practice – Defining frameworks for innovative solutions to meet both learner expectations and business goals and maximize ROI
  • An Agile development practice – Provides more engaged teams, shorter development cycle, and better solutions

EI Design’s focus on innovation and exploration sets it apart. Its dedicated team of experts:

  • Research on future trends in user behavior, interaction models, and use of technology to make learning effective and simple
  • Build avenues of collaboration between internal teams and clients/SMEs to streamline development and implementation
  • Provide the right balance of what learners want and what businesses need
  • Determine how these pointers can be practically used to enhance learning experiences

EI Design is now working towards institutionalization of innovation through processes like design-thinking to approach tough challenges and build a culture of continuous improvement. This will also ensure its learning and performance solutions are always ahead of the curve and continue to generate high ROI for its customers.


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