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EI Games specializes in online business simulation training games that teach practical emotional intelligence in leadership and management, providing educators in business and higher education with real-time analytics for future development. The award-winning training simulations are based on the experiences of real executives around the world and challenge the player in areas like:

Leadership and Management
Build 21st century leadership skills and deliver on key areas like customer-centricity, transparency, experimentation and engaging communication.

Sales and Presentation
Deliver killer presentations and drive new business growth by using emotional intelligence to uncover and connect to the hidden emotional motivation of your prospect or audience.

Organizational Assessment
Apply practical emotional intelligence skills to determine assessment goals and methods and to conduct a thorough analysis of the performance of an organization.

Test advanced business skills to align an ever-advancing business ethics standard with business growth strategy in this challenging simulation game.

Kevin Allen is EI Games’ co-founder and content creator. Following a distinguished global advertising career he set out on a new journey to help companies, schools and individuals succeed. He is the bestselling author of The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following, and The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star. He has been published in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNN and CNBC, Fox Business, and Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and has been featured on BBC Radio.

Kevin is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished growth professionals, working with global companies like Google, Burberry and Verizon, and lectures at Columbia University, Harvard, Miami Ad School, Queen Mary University and Regents University London. His award-winning training programs have helped thousands of people achieve success at companies around the world.


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