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Ekipa Consultancy Pte Ltd 6001 Beach Road #22-01 Singapore 199589 https://ekipa.sg/

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6001 Beach Road #22-01 Singapore 199589
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We are On a Mission to Help Organisations Become More Agile and Innovative
We’re an agile innovation consultancy helping organisations adopt the agile way of working.

Agile Training
We provide interactive agile training, face to face, and online.

Agile Coaching
Ekipa Consultancy offers both Agile Team Coaching and Agile Enterprise Coaching.

Agile Transformation
We provide design and execution consultancy for your organisation’s Agile transformation.

Digital Innovation Strategy​
Is it time to embark on your digital innovation strategy?

Digital Product Team
We help organisations to get the right product team on-site or remote.

Agile Maturity
The purpose of the Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool is to assess the agility health for an organization or team. The assessment is based on 4 categories: People, Process, Structure, and Tools.