Access hundreds of full motion video training courses with a customized library of topics ranging from health, safety, HR compliance, communication, PC, IT, leadership, customer service, team building, management, more. Use on our LMS or your own.

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A Top-10 LMS: One of the top 10 most user-friendly and affordable LMS, eLeaP provides the most comprehensive set of tools with the lowest cost and learning curve. The system and content can be used by anyone anywhere on any device. One of the most significant changes on the new eLearning courses site is the ability to navigate based on interests and course types. Consumers throughout the Learning Management System industry often criticize the challenge of navigating through extensive course catalogs. eLeaP has found a way to organize and categorize their 850+ titles into 8 key groupings:

  • Business Skills – Give your team the crucial edge over the competition
  • HR Compliance – Full range of HR compliance courses to keep out trouble
  • Leadership and Management – Deliver leadership training that leaders want
  • Sales and Service – Bottom-line sales training that sticks
  • Information Technology – Complex concepts simplified for improved performance
  • Software – From Microsoft to Adobe and beyond.
  • Workplace Safety – Get all your Environment Health & Safety training courses
  • Industry Specific – Hard to find industry-specific courses are here.

Along with this simplified category gateway, eLeaP has also included sections for New Releases, Highest Rated, and Most Popular videos and courses. This allows clients to always be up on the hottest and most relevant content, ensuring their employees are always highly skilled in up to date practices.

The courses come in full motion video. Why video-based training?

Some of the benefits of our video training include:

  • Convey a lot of information in a short amount of time
  • Watch a chapter at a time and come back to where you left off
  • Users learn more by watching dramatizations modeling correct behaviors
  • Video provides a superior learning experience over text-based presentations on mobile devices.
  • Quizzes are available to assess but also coach learners to help them master concept