Empass Learning Private Limited

A global provider of talent management solution that uses Gamified assessments for better hiring, training and engagement of learners and professionals.

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Suite#14, U and I Corporate Centre, Plot-47, Sector-32,
Gurugram, Haryana
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+91 124 483 3444

Empass Learning is an innovative skill development platform created for new-age learners and job seekers to pursue anytime, anywhere learning & assessment. Expensive training and certifications do not guarantee jobs since employer confidence isn't growing as expected. While Certifications are still popular, we believe, passing a 40-question single test might not demonstrate your true depth and breadth of knowledge.

Getting hired or promoted requires more than just a good alma mater or high grades in college. Your Aptitude, Business and Technical skills plus Personality that matches the Job role are better predictors of success in the workplace.

This is where Empass Learning comes across as a breath of fresh air.

Empass Learning offers a mobile platform with high quality assessments to offer a starting point for mastering a new skill or refreshing an existing one. The assessments and course content provided to its users ensures that the user learns and improves continuously without having to alter their working schedule. No long classroom sessions with information overload, no painful commutes to training facility and extremely cost-effective solution to skilling up. With Empass Learning you can take complete control of your journey to mastery.

Empass Learning is NOT another LMS or Content aggregator platform.

At Empass Learning, we are challenging the current skilling norms and eliminating the fear of tests that makes it limiting for most learners to jump in and start learning for future. Why should any learner and jobseeker be at the mercy of a teacher or a college to learn a skill, on-the-job. Empass Learning offers a strong framework to assess skill gaps and recommendations from the best self-paced or virtual online learning courses from around the world for free*.