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Epsilon Learning Solution was initiated to provide learning solutions for the levels ranging from K12 to Higher Education. It had started a masterly effort to ensure that aspiring students from Schools, Universities, and Colleges across the world have access to quality education. It helps students realize the dream of learning in an efficient manner that suits their academic and competitive needs, and at the same time, give them an edge over others, bringing international education to the doorstep of the students. The thrust of Epsilon is mainly directed to facilitate students with the content they need, and the personalized, robust experience that helps them achieve their full potential.

Epsilon’s mission is to facilitate sharing of resources to people with solutions for Books, Online Learning, and Online Tutoring. We provide textbook solutions, textbook development, assignment solutions and tutoring according to the global standards. We ensure that our facilities are easily accessible to the masses.


“Epsilon was established with a mission to bring world-class education closer to students from all over the world. In its endeavor to promote education, Epsilon aims to strengthen access to high-quality education for everyone, advanced teaching and learning through research and various offline and online services”.

Our Team

In any industry, the people behind a company are as important as the company itself. As a “learning organisation” we continuously research, explore and assess “what more is possible” to keep enhancing our services.

Our people are the key to our success. Their passion and unrivaled capability enable us to deliver transformational learning. With many recognised as educational thought leaders, we harness the latest thinking and innovations to maximise learning. We are here to take on your learning challenges and bring forth the solutions that suit your educational needs. We draw inspiration from the situations and environments that our users are in. We combine quality in learning with excellent service and innovation.


Epsilon is committed to promoting international education by following professional and ethical standards. In the coming years, we believe that international education will be the best way to inculcate global standards of learning. With our focus on delivering meaningful content, we serve both professional and consumer markets throughout the world in the areas of education and e-learning.

Our world-class team ensures that our innovations are intuitive, powerful, differentiating and truly relevant and meaningful for every given scenario. We understand how technology aids people to think and perform at their best. We Guarantee High-Quality Service.

Epsilon provides various services such as:

  • Content Development: Textbook solution, Textbook development, Assignment solutions, e-learning materials and test preparation material, Developing Question Bank (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy) of Elementary and Higher Mathematical Concepts
  • Online learning and Online Tutoring.
  • Epsilon provides content development services of subject areas which include Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Finance, Accounts, Business, Information Technology, and Engineering.
  • Guided by our understanding of the challenges that education industry face, Epsilon arrays the best software for development of subject-specific content, such as MathType, MATHEMATICA, MATLAB and MAPLE for Mathematics and SPSS, MINI-TAB for Statistics.

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