ISO Certified Localization Service Provider based in Singapore and Thailand. Provides premier eLearning translation, voices over, content integration and testing services in over 50 languages.

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Based in Singapore, with production offices in Thailand and Laos, EQHO has positioned itself as a major eLearning localization provider in the Asian region with an in-house studio, experienced linguistic and technical teams as well as voice talents.

We make use of the latest tech in the industry as well as in-house solutions to ensure a high quality of service, tailored to our clients' needs. EQHO has processed 120+ million words last year in translations and 120,000 minutes of voice over in 2018, with a 98% on-time delivery rate and 99% client satisfaction level.

We have developed our own Global Contents Governance methodology where all your localization needs are met, without consistency and quality issues throughout all your organisation.

Our mandate is to transform the future of localization to create a smart solution that gives customers the flexibility and scalability they need, without the inhibitive price tag. We challenge the norm by combining a disruptive approach with intimate industry expertise and smart technology.