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The Hub, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore, Galway Ireland
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EssentialSkillz offers solutions for organisations who are looking to improve engagement and compliance with the training and policies it requires its employees to undertake and sign up to.

  1. A market leading Learning Management System (LMS) which simply and effectively automates the enrollment and delivery of training for large diverse organisations. O-LAS is used by over 450 blue chip organisations worldwide to train over half a million employees.
  2. A comprehensive range of over 40 SCORM compliant courses covering critical aspects of Health & Safety, Business Protection, and Risk & Governance. Need bespoke content? All of our courses are fully editable, and you can create bespoke eLearning from scratch using our Rapid Authoring Tool.
  3. Policy Compliance made simple with our integrated WorkWize module. Ensure that all employees have read, understood and signed off on your working practices, policies and procedures. Our digital audit trail provides assurance that everyone in the organisation understands what is expected of them and has agreed to comply.
  4. Deploy and manage Risk Assessments through your LMS with our RiskLink module. Being able to group, prioritise and manage people based Risk Assessments across your workforce makes identifying and resolving urgent issues quickly simple.
  5. StartMyCourse: Too small for a traditional LMS? Or do you struggle to manage large numbers of temporary, seasonal or contract workers who require training but overrun the license model of your current LMS? If so we offer the ultimate Pay as You Go training solution.

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