Male, 20-30's. Young, energetic, with a bit of grit. Real, conversational, guy next next door. I've got a professional broadcast quality home studio including an isolation booth, a variety of quality mics and a paid version of Source Connect.

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While my official step into the professional Voice Acting realm didn't start until 2016, Voice Acting goes back pretty far into my early childhood days. From performing VO on internal company training videos for my employer prior to 2008, all the way back to the time my sister caught me rehearsing vocal spots from popular movies by myself in my grandparents RV. (And definitely made fun of me for it!)


In my early 20's, I had a career mindset and was under the impression that the best path forward in life was to get a corporate job and follow in my parent's footsteps. While everything was going well for the most part, there was always a bit of a feeling that something was missing. After a few years on the job, the corporate director of training called me into the office to voice some spots for training videos they were developing. (Some funny, some serious in tone) She was a stage actor at some point herself, so... I was flattered and I rolled with it.


Years later I decided to take the leap and jump head first into some official training at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Shortly after I booked some work, landed an agent and moved to L.A. to pursue more in-depth training. (And ambitious endeavors, of course!)


Since then I have trained with many different established coaches and casting directors in L.A. and across the U.S. I've built up my studio with a standalone isolation booth, a solid array of mics and professional grade, broadcast quality equipment. (And I know how to use it!)


If there's anything I can do to help you reach your creative goals, feel free to reach out!


Thanks a bunch!