Excedo is a language learning solution for business professionals. We enable you to communicate confidently and effectively across borders and cultures. Excedo helps you become an effective communicator who can negotiate, collaborate and lead globally.

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Excedo is an English learning solution that enables business professionals to communicate confidently and effectively across borders and cultures – helping individuals and their organisations to succeed globally. Our organisation is led by a team of experts in language learning, online education, business skills development, and innovative technology.

The Excedo Method™ is the only English learning solution built around the business competencies identified by organisations like the World Economic Forum and OECD as critical for global communciation.

We are the first to combine language, communication, and cross-cultural skills in a mobile experience. By using active learning, microlearning, a global business framework, and expert support teams, we transform business professionals into successful global communicators.

The best way to learn it to practice frequently. But that can be a challenge for busy professionals. Microlearning breaks down lessons into convenient bite-sized tasks of a few minutes. This creates a natural daily routine and is proven to help you progress more rapidly and improve retention.

By building Excedo within a mobile experience, learning becomes as easy as checking your email or chatting with a friend.