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Executive Boardroom™ Is a technology backed business development network, for entrepreneurs and small business owners who demand tangible results from their education courses, training, and connections.

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Our purpose is to facilitate for our Members, the gain of significant and sustainable competitive advantage in their markets by addressing the two biggest macro problems in business performance for small companies. These are failing to deal appropriately with risk, and doing so alone, without help.

We do this through technology driven platform to deliver education, training, meetings and events  within a gamified token economy, using a ‘blended learning’ approach to business networking. This merges the best of online with the best approaches offline. We aim to set a global competency standard for business education courses, and an immutable ‘credibility wallet’, enabling every member and company to be trusted.

We will create a ‘credibility score’ for business education and training courses and members; driving trust in training, credibility for resumes, and an approach to business education and training that will reduce the volume of global business failures.