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Expand Interactive was launched in 2008 with a clear mission to rid the world of ineffective, costly and - most of all - boring training. In order to be effective, training has to be accessible, engaging and - dare we say it - fun. Ever since, we've been producing interactive eLearning that's not only impactful, but downright entertaining. As time went on, though, we realized eLearning is a means, not the end.

The end every organization strives for is attainable, measurable behavioral change with training and performance support as the vehicle. Most eLearning results will tell you whether participants liked the training, and whether they could correctly answer questions about what they just saw. But there's so much more to it.

  • Do they believe it will help them do their jobs?
  • Did behaviors change after training? Was it observed?
  • Is training helping your business meet its objectives?

Training has to be tracked and measured, and ideally it's connected to real business results in order to add significant value. Don't assume your training works. Prove it with results driven eLearning.

Bringing eLearning To Life

Expand Interactive help you get full use of your company knowledge by creating custom eLearning content solutions that make training enjoyable and memorable.

Create a fully interactive and engaging multimedia learning experience.

  • Interactive Experiences
    Replace passive training videos with trackable interactive experiences your audience will want to complete.
  • Scenario Simulations & Teaching Tools
    Allow people to practice scenarios that are difficult to replicate or dangerous to do in real life.
  • Online Checklists
    Perfect and standardize your protocols and processes while eliminating paper and improving tracking.
  • Job Aids
    Remind people how to do things right when they need it with “Just in Time” or “Point of Activity” training pieces.

Discover the Solutions Expand Interactive has to offer.