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Big Data Analytics and Tech Training to Advance Your Career. Developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. Sharp focus on domain-specific use-cases making you productive as soon as you leave the classroom. -

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Experfy is a Big Data Analytics consulting and training marketplace. With Big Data Analytics and the IoT space changing at a breakneck speed, Experfy has engaged thought leaders and practitioners who are playing an active role in this evolution. Our instructors come from leading tech companies like IBM, Cisco, Apple and academic institutions such as MIT Media Lab and Harvard. Courses range from foundational and executive courses to industry-specific courses on data science and analytics, Internet of things, big data, cloud, security and related emerging technologies. There is a sharp focus on domain-specific use-cases making students productive as soon as they leave the classroom. Experfy’s mission is to provide video-based on-demand training and mentorship through bootcamps and instructor-led courses.

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