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Michelle Falzon/Falzon Productions specializes in voiceover and audio editing for e-learning courses in a broad range of topics including engineering, educational courses, healthcare, financial, business, software training and more.

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Since e-learning courses can be lengthy, you want to ensure that your audience absorbs and retains the information. This is why choosing a professional to narrate your e-learning module is extremely important. Michelle Falzon narrates e-learning courses in a broad range topics and makes your content engaging for listeners. All audio is professionally produced and edited, making your final product stand out.

Whether it's healthcare, education, engineering or business training, your e-learning course will sound amazingly clear and keep your listener's attention.

For rates or for a free custom audition of your script, please email [email protected].

For work samples, please visit: https://www.falzonproductions.com/

Simply send in your script, get an audition and quote, set your deadline and wait for your final audio to be delivered via FTP.