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E learning Solution Provider

Gamified Content Provider


Learning Management Solution Provider focusing on developing e learning applications for clients targeting students in India with an expert  team of people working remotely from all over India.


We aim at providing integrated  e-learninng solutions that transforms brands to grow in a technology-driven world.

Our mission is to provide character development based e- learning content for  our clients.

Our vision is to help brands make more money, create real results and touch the world until the world can’t live without you.

Our vision statement has three variables, namely, to provide comprehensive and retentive information , create real results, and touch the world. The firm fulfills the first component of the vision statement by providing niche content for e learning applications. The company fulfills the create real results component by offering user focused up to date content building. The touch the world component of the vision statement refers to character development focused  Content development .

Our business model is similar to Uber, where we provide solutions to those in need, from a pool of service providers. Our core team will be sitting together to make major decisions, but then all the rest of the  work will be outsourced. Hence our speciality is our cost effective way of providing solution. We will be catering to low, mid- range and high end clients. Like UberX and Uberpool, we will have different packages  for different pricing.  They are called standard solutions, enterprise solutions and premium solutions. This pricing strategy will attract all types of customers.


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