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people skills for geeks 🚀

Theatre based learning combining psychology and business to help specialists in tech become Communication Ninjas!

Providing coaching and training for individuals and teams to become:

❇️A MORE CONFIDENT PRESENTER - no more dreading that presentation

Nail that pitch, present with confidence and have every audience member in the palm of your hand.

❇️A STRONG COMMUNICATOR - No longer be passed over, shrugged off or ignored

Get your point across, inspire your team and be the kind of manager everyone looks up to.

❇️A POWERFUL STORYTELLER - Can't steer action?

Find and create stories in Business and Tech that clinch deals, change behaviour and persuade others.

❇️A BETTER PROBLEM SOLVER - Get out of that rut

Generate creative ideas and master the process of making the best ones come to life.

Customised in-house e-learning options available as well as live virtual and in-person training.

Helping technical experts figure out how to rapidly engage others by becoming less vanilla and more THRILLER!


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