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eLearning – and the technology that drives it – continues to redefine the education and knowledge transfer sector. It is estimated that at the end of 2013 eLearning was a $56.2 billion industry. Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies now use eLearning techniques to train their employees and no wonder as, according to a report by IBM, companies who deploy eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%.

Fresh01 has been delivering eLearning programmes since 2001, and in that time we have become the foremost supplier of eLearning solutions to the global security industry. (In fact we won the Communicator Award for excellence in multimedia for ‘SECOND NATURE® for Lockheed Martin USA eLearning in 2012).

Our highly creative, interactive and immersive eLearning programmes are sought by some of the largest organisations in the world. We combine engaging narrative with original gamification – quiz formats – evaluation testing, and certification into an intuitive user interface. We use a wide variety of content types, including film, animation, photography, voice-over and words, soundscaping and music score.

A key factor in our success has been making the best use of technology and mobile platform development – including the use of APIs, HTML 5 and new video formats – which ensures our solutions are always ground-breaking. And yet sometimes, when the brief dictates, we also go back to basics, for example providing DVD alternatives, when access to the internet or sophisticated smartphones is simply not possible for our users. And, of course, all of our eLearning programmes are SCORM compliant, often integrating Tin Can and Experience API, enabling interactions with multiple people.

What’s different about us?

In short we have a team of multimedia producers that have both technical and graphic design skills, we develop user experiences which make our training solutions both effective and enjoyable no matter how dull the subject matter may be! Where possible we use sound, film, animations and kinetic text but we always work within technical and budget limitations.

We do not...

  • Offer ineffective generic one size fits all training courses that are little more than PowerPoint presentations placed into a Learning Management System.
  • Tie our clients into long contracts.
  • Charge a year on year per license fee unless our clients wish us to do so

We do...

  • Adapt every course to meet our clients exact requirements.
  • Work with experts when required to provide perfect tailored solutions and meet any legal requirements.
  • Take the time to understand our clients’ objectives building made to measure solutions that are both effective and yet extremely engaging for the end user.

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