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British, General American, African-American Voices.. Boys, Girls, Teen, Young Adult Specializing in every aspect of eLearning, Narration, TV Narration, Explainer Videos, Marketing Videos. I can alleviate stress and bring you success!

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Assisting your visuals audibly with VoiceOver Acting

Vibrant, Energetic and Versatile sounds.

A theatrically trained British Stage actress and Voice Over Artist born and raised in London England, Now residing in the USA and I’d like to be a resource for you. I’m passionate about connecting with clients to bring audible life to your creative ideas.

My start with VO began with an audition with the BBC. Wow. The British Broadcasting Corporation. Performing radio drama which lead to additional radio drama projects in conjunction with Many stage shows with many varying theatre companies in and around London England.

Whilst studying at College I worked as a Production Assistant on multiple Festivals including Islington International Festival, Nottinghill Carnival and others.

I provide voiceover services from my own personal acoustically treated Whisper Room Studio, willing to travel to studios upon request. For your project voicing needs I’m the one for Animation, Gaming, Toys, Radio Drama, eLearning, Commercials, Audio Guides, Children’s Books, Narration, anything kid. We can talk about it in depth.

Oh, don't let me forget to mention I'm using a Sennheiser 416 mic for a great quality sound :)

My purpose is to aid you in propelling your project to the next level. Being a Voice Actress or VA is my passion; Your business is ALL of my business and I am excited at the prospect to sustain a long-lasting relationship with you; to include Professionalism, Quick Turnaround and Very Approachable.

We can connect with Source Connect, Source Connect Now and/or Skype and Zoom. If you prefer any other method that will be available for you.

I look forward to discussing ways in which to assist in.