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Ghost Productions pioneered medical product and procedure training by listening to our clients and utilizing our experience in the medical field, expertise in design, and mastery of cutting-edge technology.  We remain proud of our leadership position throughout the world in both 3D animation and VR surgical simulation for medical device companies, surgery training centers, and health care professionals.

Whether you need to market surgical devices, educate patients, or explain a mechanism of action (MOA) for a pharmaceutical product, Ghost Productions can produce it and deliver a product with the highest quality and most competitive prices in the medical industry. Our production and development process is agile, accurate, and designed around exceeding the highest expectations in ROI. Our portfolio, built over three decades, is living proof of how our work has helped numerous clients achieve success. We offer immediate estimates and can help you get started on your project today.


Discover the Solutions Ghost Medical Animation & Surgical VR has to offer.