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GoPhrazy provides culturally intelligent dubbing, voice over, subtitling and media access services in 150+ languages, collaborating with in-country cultural specialists, linguists, subject-matter experts. We overcome language barriers to bridge cultures and enable true communication between people. Our culture first, holistic approach on localization and our focus on co-creating a superior viewer experience in another language are making the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary.

GoPhrazy is not a "just another" LSP. We know good enough is not enough for our Customers. Thus, we have devised a localization service that is quick, responsive, reliable, convenient, consistent, transparent and risk-free. Our individual approach ensures the expected result- that you always get the right files, in the right budget, at the right time, every time.

Our services:

1. Dubbing is a post-production process of mixing additional recordings with the original audio track and produce new finished audio. In video production, the term “dubbing” is used when the speaker’s audio is fully replaced by a voice actor’s. In localization, dubbing (lip-sync dubbing, revoicing) is a localization method of replacing the original dialogue with recordings of professional actors of another language into a new finished audio track (language replacement).

2. Voice-over is commonly used in short form audio-visual materials of documentary and narrative nature where the translation is the main objective and there is little accent placed on the nuances of tone and emotions. Voice over is widely used for voicing non-broadcast audiovisual forms like video games, e-learning courses, audiobooks, podcasts, instructional and training videos etc.

3. Subtitling is the process of creating and displaying a timed - text version (transcript) of the on-screen dialogue. Subtitles (as the name suggests) are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and can either be embedded in the video or be turned on or off at the user's discretion. With subtitles, viewers can hear (and learn) the original language, actors' voices and engage with your content in noisy environments.

Our e-learning localization services range from migrating rich media for a new and existing customer to simultaneous shipment of a new curriculum. From asset preparation through QA and ready-to-use file delivery, along with professional project management and short turnaround time, our workflow process ensures the utmost quality of the final language version for your educational media. We can also localize your visual course interface:

- SCORM compliant
- LMS platforms
- Audio - from wav to vox
- Video - Widows media, Quick time, FLV
- Flash & PowerPoint integration
- Graphics Customization
- DVD authoring & duplication
- Video standards - PAL, SECAM, NTSC

Our e-learning experience includes:

- E-learning software
- Multimedia training
- Video tours & tutorials
- Online courses
- Computer-based trainings
- Webinars