GoLocalise specialises in e-learning localization, offering voice-over, subtitling, and translation services. Our expert team ensures your content is high-quality and culturally relevant, making it accessible and engaging for global audiences.

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GoLocalise is a one-stop shop for all your translation and voice over requirements.


GoLocalise provides your company with e-learning translation, localisation and voice over services, leaving you with a ready-to-host product.

We only employ highly-skilled linguists who have extensive experience in e-learning and a sound understanding of the particular industry sector they are dealing with. And in order to ensure audio quality, we only record in our two state-of-the-art studios in London. Thus we are able to guarantee the same audio quality for the entire course and in multiple languages.

Our service includes the management of the whole process and delivery of content adapted to foreign markets.

The steps and services involved in any end-to-end e-learning project are:

1. Translation of the course and on-screen text
2. Localisation of the course graphics
3. Voice over recording of the course with your preferred voice over talent/s in each language
4. In-house Quality control/assurance process the localised course files are individually reviewed, edited and individually labelled.

Get in touch with us to receive more information on our processes and how we can help you make your e-learning courses stand out from the crowd.