Gugin helps organisations around the world create winning corporate cultures through training, consulting and research

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  • We facilitate the cultural transformation of your organisation.
  • We determine the current cultural DNA of your organisation and assess how well it fits your strategy and strategic objectives.
  • We outline the corporate culture you should have, in order to support your strategy and strategic objectives in the best possible way.
  • We develop a plan for the cultural change of your organisation that will accelerate the achievement of your strategic goals and objectives


  • We provide insight into how future cultural challenges will affect your company and organisation.
  • Which expectations does the next generation have for your industry, your company and your type of organisation?
  • Which values are important to the future customers and how far is your organisation from having these values?
    How close is your current corporate culture to the ideal culture that supports your strategic objectives in the best possible way and what are the true values in your organisation today?