Guy Michaels - British Male Voiceover Artist

Guy Michaels is one of the most trusted and booked male British Voice Over Artists in a 23-year career. Audio-obsessed and offering unrivalled recording quality from London for clients worldwide.

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20-22 Wenlock Road
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Specialist voiceover recording studio since 1999. True broadcast quality unsurpassed. BRITISH VOICE OVER ARTIST

"I've worked as a pro voice actor since 1999. In over 20 years on both sides of the microphone as producer and VO, I have gained an almost immeasurable amount of experience in the voiceover industry that informs my every move. Having trained as an actor at drama school in the mid-nineties I was always interested in recorded spoken word and in the technical side of recording. I’ve produced and assisted on thousands of projects and continue to do so. In over 20 years I have recorded and produced projects for clients including Nintendo, International Red Cross, Unicef, Wizarding World (Harry Potter), Pirelli, NatGeo, Warhammer, Hitachi, Vodafone, Microsoft, IBM Watson and more."

Based in the United Kingdom and delivering the highest quality audio from his professional-grade voiceover studio in North London.