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Since Haremi was founded in 2007, our focus has been creating great teaching and learning materials for educational publishers, awarding bodies, professional membership organisations and academic institutions. The print and digital-based content we create is shaping the future of learning around the world, equipping learners of all ages with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Our exceptional expertise and experience in publishing and education makes that happen.

Our strong company values, developed by our own employees, have a lot to do with our reputation for providing a level of service that exceeds expectations. We’re completely focussed on working together to achieve fantastic results for our customers, being reliably excellent and we’re passionately proud of the content we produce and the positive impact we can make. We all love what we do and thrive on a challenge.

We’ve always been people-focused, but we've just gone a step further and become an employee-owned business. So, all 42 of our team members own an equal share of the business they’ve helped to build. That means they’re more dedicated than ever to being the best at what they do – finding perfect publishing solutions for our customers and delivering exactly what’s needed, on-time and on-budget. Although we’re a business-to-business company, the great personal relationships and trust our team members build with customers, are key to the success of projects.

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