Haymillian Limited

Haymillian is a global media localization and access services company that provides its services in 64 languages.

Founded in
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith London W6 8DA, UK
Contact details
+44 7799060113

Haymillian provides localization and production services in 64 languages. The company’s subtitling and project management platforms allow for the production and repurposing of files in multiple formats, while providing complete transparency over costs and workflow.

Haymillian’s network of boutique dubbing studios enables the company to deliver flexible, creative, and high-volume productions. With operation teams in over 20 countries worldwide, Haymillian serves a wide range of clientele from eLearning to media broadcast for multiple content genres.

The company's selected and trained global operation teams consist of highly skilled and experienced individuals including native translators, IT specialists, post-production experts and project & account managers who pay close attention to your unique needs. Their profound knowledge of their native languages includes dialect variations and slang. They use this knowledge to produce foreign language adaptations that read naturally, retaining all of the nuances and meaning of the original script.

Service specialties: Translation & Localisation, Subtitling, Closed Captioning, Audio Description, Dubbing, Voiceover, and Foreign Language Versioning.