Heart of the Matter VO

I get to the HEART of the matter, bringing insight, savvy and smarts to every read. Whether you want warm, friendly & conversational…upbeat & energetic… or a bit of natural authority and gravitas…Superb Storyteller!

Founded in
Hammock Beach Resort
Palm Coast
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1000's of bookings for 1000's of clients, including the Getty Museum, Lexus, AT&T, American Express, the American Stock Exchange, Revlon, HBO, Merrill Lynch, New York Life, Corning, Merck, the Prudential, Six Flags, IBM, MetLife, BMW, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Starwood Resorts, Citibank, Bioslim, Power 90, Honda, Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays, TriVita, Microsoft, Hilton, UPS, Visa, Fidelity, and many, many more…

20+ years of major market voiceover experience in N.Y. & L.A.

Versatile, directable, easy to work with. An actress first. Lots of characters/accents/ages, all with emotional truth.

Top quality home studio. Available on short notice, fast turnaround. $ flexible – will work with your budget.