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Human Focus is a global leader in innovative health and safety online training system that consistently improves behaviours in the workplace. Our mission is to save lives by improving skills and helping businesses to implement performance-enhancing habits in the workplace.

Founded in 1992, Human Focus offers 27+ years of experience with its consistent service and this has formed impressive working partnerships with health and safety organisations, trade associations leading insurance companies. We assist businesses in achieving world-class performance by building skills and changing habits that keep the workforce healthier and productive.  

Per the health and safety legislation, businesses need to identify occupational risks and they must provide their workers with the right health and safety training to stay safe. Sadly, the duty to protect lives has ended up becoming more about compliance rather than safety. It has been reduced to a mere box-ticking exercise for most companies.

As a result, such box-ticking health and safety courses leave employees disengaged, lead to disconnection amongst the workforce, resulting in accidents to the employees, damage to property and organisation itself.  

At Human Focus, we are eager to provide innovative digital training solutions that support occupational performance improvements while keeping everyone safe.  

Our Health & Safety/ Compliance LMS is easy to use, allows trainees to log training data, record videos of practical implementation of working practices on-site, and provide instant feedback for supporting the learning process. It also helps to track workforce progress for spotting potential problems and maintain a compliance record.

Human Focus Product & Services

1. e-Learning

e-Learning is a simple yet effective method in offering training solutions to small, medium, and large-scale organisations as per their custom requirements. Human Focus has a variety of health and safety courses like soft skills, awareness, proof of compliance alongside the employees’ health and safety, approved by recognised training associations like RoSPA, UKATA, IATP, CPD, IOSH, IIRSM and ProQual

2. e-Checklists

We offer businesses to get rid of paper checklists that are easy to lose and forget. Human Focus health and safety e-checklist guides workers through the risk assessment and inspection process in an easy-to-use format.  

3. e-Competency

Human Focus onsite contractor management system promotes safe worker behaviours, reduces management cost, and improves safety compliance. It ultimately helps contractors and suppliers to work safely on the job.

4. e-Data Analysis

The e-data analysis works on the artificial intelligence technology to predict the future behaviour of workers for driving effective decisions about h&s risk management. The system analyses existing data using artificial intelligence to offer health and safety solutions.

5. Content Builder

The Human Focus content builder allows you to create and manage your e-learning content. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to easily convert existing training materials, such as training videos, risk assessments, method statements, and presentations, into your online courses. 


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