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ICOTEA, founded in 1998, is a qualified educational institution, accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), under Decree 23 September 2013 O.J n. 242 of 15 October 2013; Decree n. AOODGPER: 6833 19 September 2012; Decree n. 474/668 31 October 2006; by the Ministry of Justice according to the Decree 21 September 2010 n. 123 and Decision of the Director - General dated 11 January 2011 n. 164; by the Ministry of Economic Development prot. N. 0017933 of 30 July 2015.

ICOTEA aims to provide innovative services created to satisfy training needs of public and private institutions, companies and freelancers. ICOTEA, thanks to various ministerial accreditations and its certified quality, received a funding granted by the European Union which, that is a "Funded Training Voucher", that assures the partial coverage of the total amount.

The qualifications obtained at the end of Masters/Degree/Professional training and update courses, are valid in Italy and abroad for freelancers, public competitions, career advancement, professional credits, school rankings.