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At IDESAA we can help your company achieve proven and measurable results in learning solutions. We have supported CEOs, HR managers, and training leaders from many small and medium-sized businesses to design and implement talent development projects/solutions that meet their unique needs.

What IDESAA can do for your company?


Content Curation and Instructional Design

Transform average content into outstanding learning experiences to give learners added value

Learning Experience Design

Creating everything from scratch is no longer necessary. IDESAA’s Content Curation and Instructional Design services allow you to use existing material while putting your spin own on it to give learners added value.

Significant learning experiences require meaningful design. Training units are structured to achieve both your learning and business outcomes by creating a smooth and user-friendly learning experience.


eLearning Design and Production

Tailored eLearning courses that meet the company’s specific requirements and needs.

Our asynchronous eLearning allows participants to interact with the content and navigate through activities to have engaging learning

Immerse your learners in eLearning 

  • Ensure that learning objetives are consistently met through standardized and quality training
  • Train an unlimited number of employees
  • Provides flexibility in time an space
  • Save significantly on costs: there is a reduce number of instructors whose time is used more efficiently (in the case of mass delivery) and materials can be reused as needed
  • Allow participants to advance at their own pace
  • Benefit form modular desig: small bites of segmented content with specific goals


Digital Resources and Microlearning for Your eTraining

Boost eLearning training with flexibility for your project’s scope

Learning nuggets—which have just the right amount of content to help participants achieve a learning goal—make learning more accessible, engaging, and contextualized, and they can be used in a stand-alone format, connected to other digital resources, or as a complement to prepare for or reinforce a training program.


Business Training Simulator

Roleplaying for Soft Skills, Leadership, Customer Service Skills, and Sales Training Programs

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it identifies facial emotions in real time and evaluates whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. The transcript of the participant’s speech can be reviewed to determine whether the key words were used correctly.


Training Needs Assessment and Learning Services Outsourcing

Training architects at your service

To build a beautiful and functional house, it’s best to turn to an architect who will first gain a deep understanding of what you want and then produce a modern, cutting-edge design and carry out the project.

Similarly, at IDESAA, we are “training architects” who, in the face of any challenge, work closely with your company’s team to conceive innovative talent solutions and fully integrate them into the organization.


Train in Spanish: Onboarding and Continuous Learning

We adapt to your company’s project goals, scope, and timing

When looking for training, you surely expect quality and results. That’s why we start with your company’s unique needs and support you in executing tailor-made training programs that fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operations and deliver exceptional value.


Discover the Solutions IDESAA has to offer.