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At IDESAA we can help your company achieve proven and measurable results in learning solutions. We have supported CEOs, HR managers, and training leaders from many small and medium-sized businesses to design and implement talent development projects/solutions that meet their unique needs.

We have also successfully implemented training programs in large organizations such as Kia, Daimler, AIB International, Johnson Controls, Siemens, HEB, and many others.

We use our TalenteD4 method as a system to: visualize the growth drivers and pinpoint the goal or challenge we face (DREAM); design the solution that best solves the problem or enhances the reality (DESIGN); use technology to optimize the solution and reduce costs (DIGITIZE), and determine how the perfect implementation should be performed (DELIVER).

What IDESAA can do for your company?

In learning strategy:

  • Align your business and talent development strategies
  • Transform your organization's learning culture

In developing skills for success:

  • Identify the training and talent development needs
  • Boost the development of each employee of the company

In the design of training programs:

  • Innovate in learning experiences design
  • Embrace technology-driven learning solutions
  • Thrive large-scale training programs

To promote collaborative learning:

  • Enhance social learning

To assess the impact of training:

  • Evaluate Results in Training & Development
  • Measure KPIs & ROI


IDESAA has the support, specialists, and experience to help you step by step in the training and talent development evolution.


Discover the Solutions IDESAA has to offer.