IKM Digital Solutions

We are an end-to-end media service specialising in a wide spectrum of digital technologies. If you need help with a 3D Animation, Video, E-Learning, Induction Programme or any creative project, give us a call!

Founded in
Park House, 39 Bo'ness Road
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01324 878822

Based in the UK near Edinburgh and with a global project portfolio, IKM Visual Solutions specialise in innovative 3D animation for E-Learning, Induction Programmes & Marketing suites.

Our approach is simple really: every problem is different and therefore each solution unique. We take complex concepts brought to us by clients and provide a means for them to visually communicate and train a wide audience on the subject. Our customers can be assured that the product they receive is completely tailored to their needs.

The IKM Visual Solutions team combine 3D graphics, animation and user interactivity to enhance each of our specialised products.