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Indegu Ltd are an E-learning supplier and producer of professional online learning and instructional material. Our customised e-learning resources empower organisations in all aspects of knowledge, learning and professional development. Resources are affordable, engaging and media rich for any size of project.

We offer services including consultancy, content writing or conversion of existing material, content creation, training and cloud-based solutions for content management. These services reflect our extensive educational and industry experience to give you lasting results across your workforce or organisation.

Content creation
Our team of digital learning professionals use their industry experience to create cutting edge resources, producing effective and engaging online content to fit your objectives. From simple and functional interactive resources, to full engaging immersive illustrated experiences, we take pride in creating well designed, professional content any organisation can be proud of.

Effective e-learning requires well thought out visual design. We are able to produce professional graphics and illustrations that integrate strikingly with written and narrated content to complement your branding and provide a positive learning experience.

Content writing
A crucial stage in the success of a bespoke e-learning project is ensuring that the content is well written and engaging – the final resource will only be as good as the quality of the content.

Written by you
You may have existing content to convert, or you may have staff who can write your content ready for production. We can provide training and support to ensure that the material is suitable for online delivery and will convey your information appropriately for your intended audience.

Provided by us
Alternatively, we can write the content for you. This can be achieved either collaboratively if you have resources or information to convert, or we will use one of our experienced and accomplished subject specialists to produce it for you.

Whatever you decide, we understand how content needs to be right to produce high quality bespoke e-learning and we will support you through this process.

Qualifications and Accreditations

No existing specific qualification for your industry sector? If you work in a sector which hasn’t got any relevant qualifications, you may want to consider creating your own fit for purpose qualification, to ensure you are able to employ people with the right skills.

We can guide you through the process of gaining an accreditation with a leading recognised awarding board. Our writers can create qualification specifications at an appropriate level for your employees and guide you through the measures to successfully produce, deliver and complete your course.

Alternatively, you may want an internal qualification based on your industry or even your processes.

Course Management
A virtual learning environment (VLE) allows your training to be provided to anyone, anywhere at anytime. We can provide a cloud-hosting service for your VLE and full administrative support in all aspects of course creation, uploading of course material, user accounts and progression monitoring. Individuals, or groups, can even have their own bespoke courses.


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