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Digital competence development. Individual, sustainable and by real experts.

What exactly does your company want to achieve in the course of digital transformation?
What kind of competencies are needed and what do individual qualification paths for your employees look like?
Digital Competence as a Service:
The German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 offers comprehensive and individual qualification solutions for all topics related to digitalisation and industry 4.0. Ranging from systematical training programs, individual hands-on workshops to whole digital online learning systems - we are your international experts for competence development in the digital age.
We have already systematically trained more than 1500 managers and employees from twelve different countries.

The German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 is an interdisciplinary team of experts from the areas of computer science, human resources, engineering, business administrations, and social sciences. This structure provides us with a holistic view at digitalisation. One should not only focus on technology but also on organisation, processes, business models, strategy, company culture, and management.
We are able to look at digitalisation from an international perspective and we offer all our services worldwide - with our branches in Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, and Singapore.

The German innovation centre for industry 4.0 is one of the first and leading experts for competencies regarding industry 4.0 and digitalisation.

Our values: what we stand for.

Helping people to help themselves
We do not belong to the know-it-alls who tell you how digital transformation has to take place in your company. We are rather convinced that it is necessary to provide you with well-founded knowledge, abilities and right mindsets - enabling you to push digitalisation on your own and in a sustainable way.

Our whole training content is independent of specific hardware or software solutions. We are not among those system providers whose trainings are only a means to subsequent implementation projects. All content is developed by independent industry experts in a well-founded way.

We are committed to a reflected and critical handling of digital technologies. Not all promises can be kept. Not everything which can be done should be done. We focus on your company.

Holistic approach
Digitalisation is implemented and used by humans. That is why we are committed to a holistic perspective. Digitalisation, that means to us: People, technology, culture, organisation, and strategy.+


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