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Instant Mandarin is a professional 1-to-1 online Mandarin Chinese learning platform developed by esteemed education practitioners with resources from the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE), including a talented pool of Professional Chinese tutors from universities across Sichuan and other provinces. All our teachers are highly trained, spending 4 years and more majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL). They are more than just native Chinese speakers, they are certified teachers with valuable teaching experience in Chinese Language Schools, offering the most authentic Mandarin Chinese lessons. Together, our band of innovative educators and creators provide professional online Chinese teaching services across the world.

Given the surge in popularity of people wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese, we are dedicated to giving every person the opportunity to do that. We want to make learning Mandarin Chinese accessible and affordable for everyone. We believe this would make the world a more interesting, diverse and more inclusive place.

Our mission is to lead the evolution and digitization of education into a brighter future. That is why we work with a strong commitment and drive to delivering the most practical and best Mandarin Chinese learning experience for our customers.