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instructorHQ offers a full range of course creation solutions.

  1. A detailed video guide to creating top selling online courses
  2. An interactive checklist designed by top selling instructors
  3. All inclusive course hosting with a subscription model at a fraction of the price compared to hosting such as Thinkific and Teachable. is built by experts in online training. The team are not experts in your field – but they are experienced and passionate about the intricacies of creating and promoting YOUR online video courses.

You’ve possibly attempted this on DIY alone – we’ve all tried with varying results – but the team at InstructorHQ know that many technical and repetitive tasks either distract or even completely derail you from the good part, actually creating online video courses.

You don’t have time to forage all over the internet for every little detail of where to host, set up payment gateways, attract repeat customers…or even what topics to pursue. Just thinking about all that stuff can be daunting and may even be the thing that’s stopped you from even starting the journey.

The great news for you is we are your guide.

The help is hardwired into InstructorHQ.

We’re not just a hosting platform that can put your video in dozens of different high traffic (and high reward) places. And we’re not just about our remarkably easy to use dashboard for managing your subscribers, your courses and even your payments from just one place.

We are the help you’ve been looking for to create without being an ‘expert’ in online video courses. The knitting /sword forging /painting etc. we leave to you.

InstructorHQ loves noobs. And we’re not embarrassed to use that word, because you, as an instructor yourself, know that everyone starts somewhere. And the sooner you get help, the fewer potholes and blind alleys you’ll have to endure.

InstructorHQ is multi-platform (we help you to be everywhere video courses are sold) and apart from our super easy/super reliable hosting, you’re going to love the easy to follow (but super comprehensive) education that’s at the front of everything we do.

We have video training, courses, blog posts and even a podcast to help you learn in whatever way you find best. Real people providing real support.

It’s not just ‘generic’ technical help – our expertise is built on years of ‘in the trenches’ teaching, training, course design and endless late-night sessions figuring this stuff out before it was ‘a thing.’

We’ve really been there and done that, so we’re going to be honest with you. Our advice is field-tested. We’ll answer your questions and help you get the feedback you need to improve. And we’re going to give you everything we’ve got – it’s all included in one simple InstructorHQ subscription.


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