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Since 2002, the Intel® Retail Edge Program has educated and inspired brand advocates about Intel® products and the desktops and laptops with Intel Inside®. It is the longest-running eLearning training and brand advocacy program in the technology industry. Over 500,000 retail sales associates from major electronic retailers have completed over 20 million training modules to date.

Robust and Trusted Resource for Retail Partners

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is a robust Community and trusted resource that helps our retail partners reach consumers during key sales cycles to sell more PCs, create better customer experiences, and expand their loyalty base.

The Program incorporates rich educational content, tools, apps, motivational rewards, and an interactive community—both online and in-store—to impart knowledge about the latest Intel® products and technologies and the PCs they power. Training is presented in various formats to address the differences in how people learn, including videos, articles, and interactives.

As a result, sales associates gain valuable product knowledge and sales tips/tools. Their sales managers gain knowledgeable staff who can effectively present and sell the right products for customer needs, efficiently and accurately address customer questions, and create more upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Three Pillars

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is based on three pillars—Education, Rewards, and Community. These pillars are the bedrock of the Program and offer a holistic and integrated approach to sales associate training.

Education (Learn)
Become an expert.

  • Engaging, continuously updated training about Intel® products
  • Fun eLearning environment for learning new sales skills
  • Up-to-date information about today’s trends and technologies

Training activities can be accessed via PC or mobile app and cover a variety of categories and topics, including Intel® products and technologies, content direct from OEM partners, sales tips, and PC basics.

Rewards (Earn)
Get recognized.

  • Credits for training
  • Badges, Status Levels, and awards
  • Promotions and competitions to win prizes

The Intel® Retail Edge Program has a strong focus on motivating and rewarding participation and training.

Community (Share)
Engage with others.

  • Message boards, dashboards, blogs, news
  • Ask questions and share tips
  • Play games and challenge peers

Sharing extends beyond the online community and physical stores into local neighborhoods too. Promotions and competitions include components that allow retailers to give back to their communities or support their philanthropic efforts. One of our top training competitions has generated over $5,000,000 in donations to local K-12 schools.

Synergistic eLearning Platform 

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is a top destination for retail sales associates and management who have come to rely on it as a critical support system for their training efforts. By collaborating with our partner retailers and OEMs, we have designed a proven and unique eLearning program to create more brand awareness, more knowledgeable sales associates, more sales, and more successful customer interactions.



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