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James Brodie Productions Inc. specializes in videos that promote change in attitudes and behaviour.

Our blend of dramatic and documentary styles brings to life complex human issues in ways that are emotionally compelling and persuasive. We have specialized in health and social issues ranging from addictions, overcoming workplace conflict, violence threat reduction to managing physical and mental health disabilities. Our audiences range from teachers of children with autism to medical doctors. Here is a partial list of our accomplishments:

Featuring the work of trauma specialist Kevin Cameron, we produced over ten hours of training on Violence Threat Assessment and Intervention with the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment & Traumatic Response. It is used to train school administrators, psychologists and social workers. Link:  / Password: heal

Developed six accredited drug diversion and intervention programs for health professionals sponsored by Knoll Pharmaceuticals (USA). These education dramatic videos, hosted by CBC’s Dr. Brian Goldman, targeted dentists, pharmacists, physicians and law enforcement officers. Over 30,000 copies have been circulated to health professionals in the USA alone. Link:

Six docu-dramatic videos for the Responsible

Gambling Council that promote a greater understanding of the risks associated with problem gambling in youth, new Canadians and seniors. Link:

Co-produced a six hour web based series on entrepreneurship. It offers insights and advice from some of Canada’s most illustrious self-starters. Produced for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, “The Spirit of Adventure” is sponsored by Magna International and Scotia Bank. Link: Spirit of Adventure

Our video training series have helped foreign trained professionals adjust to the Canadian job market with three programs developed for Canadian Citizenship and Culture. We’ve produced a labour sponsored four hour e-learning docu-dramatic management/labour relations course; and a customer service training programs for Chicago Transit and the OLGC.


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