The Jane Ellen - Voice Talent

Voice Overs for eLearning and corporate clients that will hold the learner's interest and help in knowledge retention.

Founded in
435 Geeseway Drive
Cookeville, TN
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The Jane Ellen - Voice Talent, is a thriving voice over business via a home studio built by a legendary Music City producer.  Jane Ellen uses a modified MXL 2001 mic, a Behringer mixing board and sound proofing by Marantz. She provides the bulk of the talent she produces, but will also cast, record, and produce other voices for scenarios.

She honed her ability to be both likeable and accessible by many years on the radio, hosting mornings. Her spouse was her news anchor so she often calls on him when a male voice is needed by a client.

Jane Ellen was born and raised in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, land of no-accent-natives.