Jason Leech Voice Talent

A Real Voice, A Real Talent. Experienced voice actor who can bring life to your learning.

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Fort Wayne
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I’m Jason and I’m a voice actor. I’m a voice actor with a love for bringing scripts and characters to life for my clients.
Now I’m not just a voice actor, I’m a Professional Voice Actor. So what does it mean to be a “Professional”? Here’s the answer, being a “Professional Voice Actor” means I take what I do very seriously. I have been trained by other professionals, I have had a voice demo made by professionals, I have taken advice from professionals on how to treat my recording space so it is professional and I associate myself with other professionals in this business and learn from them. In short, I can give you what you are looking for, quickly and more often than not, flawlessly. I am a Professional Voice Actor and a Professional Business Person and I treat every one of my clients also as Professionals.
If you give me the opportunity to work on your project, you will get what you want need and want with zero hassle, zero excuses and a quality product, every time.
Let’s work together to bring your project to life.