Jeffrey Machado Voice Acting

A fun-loving voice actor with a US West Coast sound; a background in radio, advertising and theater; and a solid reputation for delivering outstanding narration fast. Kick my tires and find out for yourself!

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Roseville, CA
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You need a voice actor you can depend on - someone who will deliver an outstanding performance with studio-quality audio, and will consistently beat your deadlines. Well, congrats - you've just found one!

With Jeffrey Machado Voice Acting, you'll get more than simple narration. You'll get a performance, supported with acting techniques honed by years of stage work and recorded in a top-flight studio environment. And you'll get it in a fast, friendly and professional manner.

The result? Your media projects sound better. They get produced on time and on budget. Your clients are thrilled. They come back for more, and tell others about you. You earn a reputation for outstanding work. And you might even win an award or two.

Pretty sweet deal, right?