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Ever since I can remember, I was told, "do something with your voice". I took that to heart, and formed Soundshine Productions, LLC. For the past 10 years I have been using my voice to bring learning to life.

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Jennifer Antkowiak has been voicing eLearning projects for companies around the globe for over 10 years.  From her professional studio in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, she provides high quality audio on time and on budget.

From baling hay on the family farm to singing jazz standards in a gown and gloves, to reading to children and the visually impaired, Jen's pretty versatile. Her voice is no different. Finding the nuance your project requires keeps her work fresh and engaging to your listeners. Her clear, smooth voice is easy to follow and suitable for any industry. Though she prides herself on her “no regional accent” sound, she can go all “Boston” on you in a heartbeat if requested.