John Academy

We provide the opportunity for them to learn in a convenient way – in their own convenient place and time.

Founded in
11 Floor, 15 St Botolph Street, London EC3A 7BB
Contact details
020 3744 3990

We are best known for offering awarding body accredited online courses that are available for anyone wishing to acquire a certification to take their professional careers to the next level. As an online learning platform, we know that there are people who consider themselves curious learners but the courses pique their interests are not available in their area. Therefore, John Academy provides the opportunity for them to learn in a convenient way – wherever they are and whenever they want.

Our Mission
To make learning more accessible to learning enthusiasts, regardless of where they are residing in the world.
To offer a variety of courses of different levels for students to choose from.
To position our organisation as a leader in the industry of online learning.

Our Vision
To maintain the good credibility and reputation that we have built as online course providers.

Who We Are

We are an online course provider whose mission it is to ensure that students are able to learn everything that they want to in the course we have provided on our platform. We ensure the highest quality standards that comes with e-learning so that students are able to utilise what they have learned in the real world, especially in the workplace.


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