Jordan Drayer Voices

A deeper-voiced millenial female voiceover talent who will work to make your e-learning story memorable, intuitive, and epic.

Founded in
Van Nuys
Los Angeles, CA
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Your quest begins. Your goal, to create memorable, intelligent e-learning for your clients. Whatever your subject, you’ll need voiceover to make it sparkle. I would love to be that tool in your quest inventory. Let’s make your story epic!

You’ve found a savvy millenial with a wide range of services, voices, and accents. On top of that, I guarantee quick turnaround and a charming demeanor. Using skills and ear-training gained from years of classical music study, I'll bring beautiful nuances to your work.

When you’re looking for a voiceover talent, it would help to know the vocal qualities. Descriptions of my voice include warm, low, sarcastic, intelligent, sassy, young/millenial, friendly, interesting, and articulated. My personality reflects this, being mostly calm, witty, empathic, and observant.

Thank you for your time! I look forward to working with you and making your story epic.