JR Language Translation Services, Inc.

Business translation services in more than 100 languages with focused practice in eLearning Localizations.

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Webster, NY
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Helping businesses grow in international markets with translation services in more than 100 languages.

Services include:

Document translations, eLearning Localization, legal translations, technical translations, medical translations, website translations, phone interpretation and conference interpretations, Spanish translation, French translation, Chinese translation, Japanese translations, German translations, Arabic translations, Swedish translations, Turkish translations, and more than 100 languages.

We help our clients with: - Document translation - Video translation - Certified translation - Medical translation services - Phone interpretation - Website translations

With JR Language eLearning translation services we can deliver a multilingual learning environment for your students or trainees no matter where they are in the world or what language they speak. Whether you are an academic institution, a training facility, a corporation or a provider of eLearning solutions, we can provide e-Learning translations customized to your needs.