Kari Loya Voiceovers

Emmy-winning bilingual voice talent AND experienced educational leader with an MBA to deliver your client's message or content effectively. Quick turnarounds. Professional. Fun! Source Connect, ipDTL, or phone patch. Please holler if I can help!

Founded in
1110 Ferndale Ct.
Sugar Land, TX
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I have recorded for top clients around the globe from my state-of-the-art studio.

I have recorded e-learning projects across industries... from financial services and healthcare to education and agriculture. I love learning myself with each new project. I am available to record in live-direct sessions via Source Connect, ipDTL, phone patch, or even ISDN, and I also can record projects on my own and submit them for review - whatever is easiest for the client.

I hope to have the chance to collaborate with you in the months ahead - whether in English or Spanish!